Improved Job Satisfaction

Coached Self-CareTM allows you to focus on high value tasks

Focus on High Value Clinical Treatments

Spend more time delivering skilled care while Carefree takes care of the details between patient visits. When physicians and staff are in control of their workday, job satisfaction increases. When your patients have fewer emergent events and hospitalizations, your hard work is validated. ​

How Carefree Increases Job Satisfaction


Carefree coaches and pharmacists communicate frequently with your patients, freeing your staff from these tasks. ​


Our coaches and systems update your EMR so that your practice continues to work in the same fashion. Carefree systems provide appropriate audit trails for CMS billing. Your records are updated when prescriptions change so that you are always working from the latest reconciled list.​​

Pharmacy Services

Our Geriatric Pharmacy works with the patient on your behalf to organize complete, reconciled lists of medicines. We inform you of adherence barriers and can offer assistance with proven alternatives. ​​

Ensure Plans Are Followed​

When Carefree coaches are working with your patients, you are assured that they are actively achieving the goals of your care plans in between visits to your practice. ​ ​

Focus On High Value Work​

Because Carefree is a valued part of your practice, we focus on the tedious details. Because you know that those details are being covered, you and your staff focus on high value clinical care. Doing that which you love brings joy and a sense of accomplishment.​

Prepare Patients for​ Office Visits​

Prior to a patient office visit, our coach confers with you to understand your intent for the visit. We then work with the patient to address and answer many of their concerns up front, in addition to emphasizing your desires and intents. This ensures that office visits make effective use of time, and accomplish as much as is possible.​